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Universal Aid Ukraine

We are all different. We have different skills: some of us are paramedics, mechanics or translators. We come from different countries – including Germany, Poland, Canada, America and of course Ukraine. Our paths here were varied, but now we have something that unites us all: We want to provide quick and uncomplicated help directly on site.

As a compact, highly qualified group of carefully selected volunteers who organize ourselves, we are not subject to any hierarchical structures or external restrictions. This allows us a high level of flexibility and independence when planning and carrying out our operations in order to achieve the greatest possible impact.


Experiences and reports from local people

Client 7

"I'm very happy when they come. It's important that they don't forget us, much more important than the goods they bring. That's our biggest fear: being forgotten."

Olga, 41, coordinator of hum. relief supplies,

Lastochkyne (translated from Ukrainian)

Client 8

"Thank you for all your help and don't forget us, the boys send you a deep bow and are happy as little children.
You're doing a great job, we love you and are grateful for everything."

Natalia, 49, a combat medic with the 54th Brigarde

(translated from Ukrainian)

Client 2

"When they arrive it's like the sun is rising. They are true guardian angels."

Nicolai, 56, Orlivka (translated from Ukrainian)

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