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Our work

At the heart of our mission is supplying people with vital resources, including those packed by ourselves 'Food bags' and Medication, which we distribute using our mobile 'rolling pharmacy'. Our approach is characterized by direct contact and personal encounters with civilians, which allows us to respond to individual needs in a direct dialogue.

Our field of activity focuses on Small villages with a maximum of 300 inhabitants in a strip of 2 to 10 kilometers Frontline. Thanks to our off-road 4x4 vehicles we are able to reach remote areas that are normally inaccessible to larger organizations due to poor road conditions and remoteness making their vans or vans inaccessible.

In addition to the essential medicines and food we bring individually adapted humanitarian goods that vary from village to village. This can be Water, Animal food or Hygiene products. Our efforts are designed to center the needs of each community we serve.


the rolling pharmacy





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