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Autum 2023

The situation on the Eastern Front is becoming increasingly difficult as Russian forces attempt to advance towards both, Siviersk and Avdiivka. Humanitarian work on this front is more necessary and complicated than ever. 

Summer 2023

The Universal Aid Ukraine team works with many different smaller and larger villages along the front line to ensure supplies, especially medicines, for civilians.

Spring 2023

From Kramatorsk, humanitarian aid and medicines is distributed along the front in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast. The loss of the symbolic city of Bakhmuth and the subsequent changes also have an impact on the “Universal Aid Ukraine” team.

Winter 2022/23

After the offensive in the fall, the front moved away from the large city of Kharkiv, consequently the supply routes became longer and longer. A move to Kramatorsk was necessary to keep distances short and to be able to use the little daylight in winter more efficiently.